Cara Pasang Moodle 3.6 Pada Debian 9

Pasang pakej-pakej yang diperlukan

apt install php7.0 libapache2-mod-php7.0 php7.0-mysql php-common php7.0-cli php7.0-common php7.0-json php7.0-opcache php7.0-readline apache2 apache2-utils mysql-server php7.0-curl php7.0-gd php7.0-intl php7.0-zip php7.0-xml

Sediakan database

Dalam tag [server] /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf, tambahkan

innodb_large_prefix = ON

Simpan dan restart mariadb

systemctl restart mariadb

mysql -u root -p
create database moodle;
update mysql.user set plugin = 'mysql_native_password' where User='root';
SET GLOBAL innodb_file_format = barracuda;

Pasang moodle

cd /var/www
tar -xvf /home/user1/moodle-latest-36.tgz
chown www-data /var/www/moodle
chown -R root /var/www/moodle
chmod -R 0755 /var/www/moodle
chown www-data /var/www/moodle
cd moodle/admin/cli/
sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php install.php

Contoh setting apache2

# cat /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf

# The ServerName directive sets the request scheme, hostname and port that
# the server uses to identify itself. This is used when creating
# redirection URLs. In the context of virtual hosts, the ServerName
# specifies what hostname must appear in the request's Host: header to
# match this virtual host. For the default virtual host (this file) this
# value is not decisive as it is used as a last resort host regardless.
# However, you must set it for any further virtual host explicitly.

ServerAdmin [email protected]
DocumentRoot /var/www/moodle
Alias /moodle /var/www/moodle

order allow,deny
allow from all

# Available loglevels: trace8, ..., trace1, debug, info, notice, warn,
# error, crit, alert, emerg.
# It is also possible to configure the loglevel for particular
# modules, e.g.
#LogLevel info ssl:warn

ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log
CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined

# For most configuration files from conf-available/, which are
# enabled or disabled at a global level, it is possible to
# include a line for only one particular virtual host. For example the
# following line enables the CGI configuration for this host only
# after it has been globally disabled with "a2disconf".
#Include conf-available/serve-cgi-bin.conf

# vim: syntax=apache ts=4 sw=4 sts=4 sr noet

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